Happy new Year everyone. 2016 was a very productive year. I played with a lot of musicians and had a lot of solo gigs also. I only left RI once! I think the highlight was The Beantown jazz festival, (hosted by Berklee) with Dan Moretti and the Hammond Boys. Perfect day, great audience, smokin' band. Guitar Night at the Courthouse Center in South Kingstown was also a great night. I got to do a set and then listen to and play with Duke Robillard and Bobby Keys. I also cant forget my last annual duo concert with the great pianist, Paul Nagel. He has retreated from winter and is in FL

I'm into my teaching mode for winter and really enjoying teaching at CCRI and my own studio. I am also recording at home and planning to get into Sibelius scoring program and write some music this winter. I love New England for this reason. You can just hole up in winter, practice and write. I would probably have been a professional lifeguard if I grew up in a warmer climate, or maybe just a beach bum!! I do have a few gigs and hopefully more to come. Right now I am scheduled once per month at the Break Hotel in Narragansett. I will be there on the 3rd. Friday. I play solo acoustic and sing. The music is all over the map. I just play whatever I like and loop and improvise, etc. The room is on 4th floor, Chair 5 is a nice room to hang and stay warm and enjoy some food drink and live music. I have a couple of videos from the above mentioned concerts and I want to get them up on the site or linked to youtube. I screwed up somewhere along the way with youtube and have too many accounts and too many forgotten passwords. I never manage to get it to work for me but it could just be my wifi signal is too weak. The love/hate relationship with technology. When I ever get time to get that all straightened out I will put some things up.

This is my first blog ever. I may never do another one. But I wanted to say hello.

Cheers and Happy new year to all. Steve

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